Give friends Followers on Instagram

How to send followers to others on Instagram - Do you mean buying them on behalf of others? If this is your question, I don't know. I never bought followers.

Give friends Followers
If you are asking a legit way to send followers to others through Instagram, there is no way.

Give friends Followers on Instagram

You can not send followers to another account. You only have the option to share a users profile to a friend, who will follow and them be followed back.
I'm sure you understand.
The tips from other answers below/above are recommended.

Give friends Followers on Instagram

You cannot :) You can, though, give shoutouts on your page recommending others to follow another profile but physically you cannot transfer them anywhere without their will. Canadian Growth Hacker in Shanghai ·

There's no direct way of doing this but giving another user a shoutout works great if you've got a loyal following. Repost one of their photos, credit them and ask your followers to check them out.
Joshua Dance, I'm an entrepreneur, athlete and programmer. ·
There is no way to actually send followers to other users. It is always a users choice whether to follow or not. But you can strongly encourage your followers to follow another account.
Shoutouts - Mentioned their @username is a great way to help your followers find them.
Collabs - take a photo shoot together and then share the pictures with shoutouts.
Giveaways - combine forces and offer a giveaway that to win you have to be following both accounts.

Whichever way you try, don't buy followers. They are fake, they don't engage, and anyone who wants to work with you will check engagement stats.

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You cannot transfer or send followers from one account to another, if you want to get followers in the new account here are some of the best and working methods that I use.

  • Follow users from photos similar to yours
  • Mass like on different hashtags
  • Collaborate with other account similar to yours
  • Tag accounts that will repost your pictures
  • Stay active
  • Don't over post
  • Post Quality content
  • Buy Followers ( Don't recommend)
  • Engaging with followers
  • Using hashtags
  • Using Locations
  • Patience

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