How do i retrieve deleted Facebook Messages

                          How do i retrieve deleted Facebook Messages                                                               
    How do i retrieve deleted Facebook Messages
All these answers are wrong. There is no stricter setting than "Friends of Friends" being able to add you as a friend. The only time the button disappears when you have mutual friends with someone, is if you sent them a request before than they denied the request and chose the option to block future requests from you. You're not blocked completely, but can't sent them a friend request.
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Facebook gives users only two options for the audiences from whom they can receive friend requests. That is, from public and from friends of friends. One can not completely shut out all friend requests as I have seen some answers suggest here.

If you can't find the "Add friend" button, it gives you two clues,
1) You don't have even a single mutual friend
2) The person you are viewing has restrive privacy settings such that only friends of friends add him/her.
Facebook administration advises that if you feel you know the person outside facebook, send them an introduction message first and ask them to add you. Now my opinion, if you feel you badly want to send the request yourself, look through that person's friends list(if it's visible to you) and then add anyone of his friends. On accepting your request, You will have established a common friend with the person you were initially trying to add and thus attained the qualification given in the privacy settings of only receiving from friends of friends.

At that instant, the "add friend" button will appear. Do the adding and problem is solved.
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The button isn't visible if it's not possible to add the person. The way this setting worked has changed between 2011 and today. At one time it was possible to prevent anyone from sending you a friend request. Now it is only possible to limit friend requests to friends of friends.

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As of now (October 2015), if you cannot send a request to A, but A can send you one, then A's settings are restricted, yours are not, and you do not have any existing friends in common.
The setting to change this is located under "Privacy Shortcuts", "Who can contact me?"
The person who is missing the button has changed their profile settings so others can't add them as a friend. It's nothing wrong with your account at all. They've simply changed their profile settings so people can't add them as a friend.

How to find this setting. Click the Account link at the top right hand side and select Privacy Preferences. The first section is about "Connecting on Facebook." In the text directly underneath that you'll see a link that says View Settings. Click that link. The second option down on that page is "Send You Friend Requests." Changing that option will decide whether others can send you a friend request or not.
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