How to check poke in facebook App

How to check poke in facebook App: Another big part of Lite's appeal is its ability to cut back on data consumption. You can see the app working to save data by only downloading new photos and posts when you request them. 

Most noticeably, the News Feed only refreshes some data without pulling down on it with your thumb. You might see the number of comments or likes on a post change without a manual reload. But to see most pages update, you have to pull to refresh. You get a visual indication of each refresh, when a bright green progress bar scoots across the top of the screen.

        How to check poke in facebook App

You can also see new elements loading as you scroll. Most apps (including the normal version of Facebook) pre-load the content below the bottom edge of your screen. That way, when you scroll, new items appear seamlessly. You can see the next enticing photo or headline poking up from the bottom of the screen as you thumb through your timeline, and it makes you want to just keep scrolling. Facebook Lite doesn't appear to preload photos at all. You may see the title of the next post in the feed and scroll ahead to it, but then you'll wait a second or two for the photo to show up. Like so much about Lite, it's a reminder of the past—when 2G was standard, 3G was a luxury, and every mobile experience was tempered.

Videos will only autoplay on Wi-Fi, not on mobile data. Tap through and you get a simplified video player with the bare-bones comment and reactions fields below it. Facebook is serving the photos and videos in Lite through proxy servers, but any compression being applied by default is imperceptible—my eyes can't spot any differences on my Pixel XL. Additionally, a data saver feature lets you toggle to compress images and videos further, and a separate settings menu to lower your default image quality.

By making the switch, you gain speed and clarity.
The settings panes are greatly simplified, with top-level controls to "clean space" (delete old files from storage) and to adjust your notifications. Also, if you look at the menu bar running across the top of the screen, you'll notice something truly delightful: There's no tab for Facebook Watch, and none for Marketplace either. The only thing Lite offers is core Facebook, and none of the feature bloat you never wanted and probably never use.

So, should you download Facebook Lite? If you need to curb your data consumption, and especially if you have a pre-paid data plan and spend gobs of time on Facebook, then yes, you definitely should. Using Lite will burn fewer gigabytes and save you money. Even if you find Lite's throwback look and feel too jarring, maybe keep it installed just for use during those weeks when you really have to be stingy with your mobile data.

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The trickier question is whether you should download Facebook Lite even if data's not an issue. Messenger Lite, after all, is in many ways preferable to its full-featured cousin. The case isn't as clear-cut here. There are still ads in Lite, so you won't get away from those. And you do lose some of the fun of modern Facebook, like the animated reactions, or the excitement of seeing friends' comments appear under your adorable selfies in real-time.
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