How to completely erase a Facebook Account

                                     How to completely erase a Facebook Account                                                                         
 How to completely erase a Facebook Account
Some people who use fake or stage names may do so because they have a public persona they want to maintain. Part of the reason Facebook is so strict about its fake name policy is because it believes you already have a method of using a stage name: a Page. While this is an extremely limited form of Facebook compared to a profile, it's useful for publicity.

If you're using a stage name, create a Page with the name you want to use in addition to your personal profile. Save the personal profile for people you know directly, are related to, or communicate with regularly. For your fans, events, and self-promotion, try to use the Page as much as possible. You can use Pages that have the same name as your private profile (I do), so this separation can help reduce red flags. Particularly because of the next reason.
Lock Down Your Privacy Settings

Put simply, increased exposure to people you don't know increases the chances that you will get red flagged by a user. If you have a couple thousand "friends" attached to your profile, there's no way to keep up with their reactions to things. For private, personal sharing, lock your profile down.

You can check out our guide here on how to keep your profile on lockdown. You can also use lists and per-post privacy settings to make sure that a particular post is only visible to the people you want to see it. If you have stalkers that are trying to locate you, making sure that all your posts and photos are only visible to specific people. That way, even if a stalker manages to find your profile, unless you give their profile explicit permission to see your posts, they won't.

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Choose Your Name Carefully
If you're a public personality or you're choosing a specific name as a personal self-expression, this section may not be helpful to you, but it's at least worth knowing. For those creating fake identities to conceal their real ones, try to make names that sound typical without being outlandish or obviously fake.

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