How to make vote in Facebook

How to Create a Facebook Poll made easy, please follow the steps below:                                                                                 
   How to make vote in Facebook

1. Log in to your Facebook page and search for “poll.”
2. Choose the first app, Poll.
3. Click “Go to App.”
4. Click “Allow” to allow the app to access your information.
5. Choose “Click here to get started.”
6. Fill out the question and add answer options, then click “Create Poll.”
7. You can add a message that will appear on your wall with the poll, or just click “Publish” to post the poll to your wall.
8. You can also invite friends to take your poll, or if your class has a Fan Page, you can choose to publish it there.
9. The poll will now show up on your wall.

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10. At any time, you can click on the question and view your poll results.
11. Critical Thinking Exercises related to this activity 1. Did the results of your Facebook poll turn out the way you expected? In 100 words or less, explain how so. 2. Define one example of how you could use the Facebook poll tool in your own life in the future. 3. In what ways do you think companies or organizations could use the Facebook poll to improve their business?
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