How to open Fb Account

How to open Facebook without a password: Technically there is no way to open Facebook account without password. Don’t be disappointed please... Username and password is the only thing that differentiate your Facebook account from my own Facebook account.
       How to open Fb Account

But, if you have created a Facebook account and you want to be logging into the account without typing your Facebook username and password then you only need to save your Facebook password and username on your browser using either Chrome browser, Mozilla Browser, or Opera Browser.
Mostly for PC, this is very easy to do.

Visit Log In or Sign Up on PC and Log In or Sign Up on mobile to login to your Facebook. Preferably, use Google Chrome browser for PC or for mobile.
The moment you enter your facebook username and password, Google Chrome password smart lock will pop up asking whether to save the username and password. Click save now so you will be able to login to Facebook next time without password.

For mobile Chrome, you also need to save your password before you can open your facebook account without logging with password and username.
To achieve this, log in to Facebook with your username and password. A new window will pop up then click on save.

Meanwhile, before then click on the 3 dots on your Chrome screen and click settings. Navigate to privacy and enable save passwords.
After that, you will have all your passwords including Facebook password saved on Chrome and you will be able to log into Facebook without typing username and password again.

You see questions can come in several ways, so do the answer.
Technically what you are asking for is “How do you open Facebook without a password?”
So am going to give you a direct and indirect answer
Direct Answer: There are several ways to do that, supposing you are using the Facebook application or lite or whatever browser you are using.
Facebook has this save password option for its user anytime you login, Facebook asks if the current password should be saved for easier access. Lucky for you if you’re using this you can login without inputting your password.
Firefox also offers a master password for all logins on the app, if you’re using it, then lucky for you.

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Indirect Answer: Imagine your self having a house without keys, even dog cages have keys. So also will Facebook be insecure without passwords, Facebook even allows for 2-factor authentication since password seems to be failing these days.

To stop beating about the bush if you lost your password, use the forget password button below the login page. The password will be sent to your email or Facebook or friends if you have the feature enabled.
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