How To Remove Email Id From Facebook

How To Remove Email Id From Facebook
How To Remove Email Id From Facebook
Remove Email Address From Facebook Profile
By default, every Facebook user has a email address, whether he likes using it or not. Any email sent to the email address of a user lands up in the messages folder and can be found from the search box by typing “is:email”.

The problem with a email address is that the address is not private, as anyone can guess the address through the vanity URL of your Facebook account. For example, if your Facebook account URL is, your email address would be

Until today, Facebook users had the ability to show their primary or secondary email addresses on their profile information section, instead of showing their email address, which I don’t consider as a real email address anyway. Shy users often tweaked the visibility of their profile information section to “Private” or “Friends only” so that their real email address is hidden from spammers and random strangers, who might try to extract contact information from their Facebook profile.
Yesterday, Facebook has changed how email addresses are displayed on your Facebook profile. The change does two things :
Your primary and secondary email addresses that are tied to your Facebook account are no longer shown on the “Contact info” section of your Facebook profile. Instead, your publicly view-able email address has been replaced by your unique email address.
Your primary and secondary email addresses are still tied to your Facebook account, it is just that Facebook has decided not to show it on the “Contact Info” section of your Facebook profile or timeline.

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This is in some ways useful for users who get tons of spam at their Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts and have always wondered the real source of email spam. However, if you are anything like me and want to show at least one address publicly on your Facebook profile, here are a few things you should do.
Remove Email Address From Your Facebook Profile / Timeline
First things first, there is no way you can permanently delete your email address or completely disable it. This is a core feature and it is not possible to turn your email off. You have to live with it.
However it is certainly possible to remove email address from Facebook profile by tweaking the email visibility settings. We will soon learn the steps to do it.

1. To replace the email address with a custom email address of your choice, go to your Facebook timeline and click on the “About” section. Next click the “Edit” button on the top right corner of “Contact Info” section, an example is shown below:

2. Click the “circle” button placed next to your email address and from the drop down menu that appears, choose “Hidden from Timeline”. The default option from yesterday is “Shown on timeline” so if you want to hide your email address, you have to choose the other option.

3. Right above your email address, you will see your primary and secondary email addresses listed one after another (this also includes the email address you have used to sign up for Facebook). Click the circle icon and you can choose to show your primary email address on your Facebook profile or you may also choose to keep email address hidden on Facebook.

If you ask me, I prefer showing at least one address on my Facebook timeline so that anyone can get in touch or send me a message. It is also worth noting that you should choose the email visibility as “Public” and not “Only me”.
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