How to sign in Facebook Page

                                       How to sign in Facebook Page
How to sign in Facebook Page
I came across another article on the blog.
The title of the article and the very first sentence had me hooked!
It’s easier than you think
“Updating information on your Twitter and Facebook page is generally pretty easy”
only to be disappointed as a read on that this person didn’t have the secret formula either!

“Changing your business name on your Facebook page usually requires approval from Facebook before it can take effect. Your claim may be denied if the proposed new name is not close enough to the current name or violates any of their page guidelines. If your Facebook page has not been used and has very few likes, the easiest thing may be to create a new page with the new name. However, this is never recommended for active pages with a large amount of likes and engagement.

For more information on how to change your page name, check out Facebook’s support section.”
Well that was disappointing!
I had resigned myself to the fact that they were not going to let me change the name of my page and I decided to just start over. I set up a new Facebook Page using my new company name, it was disappointing but I didn’t think I had any other options.
A Breakthrough!

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Although I had already set up a new page and I was migrating my followers from my old Facebook page to my new Facebook page as best as I could (not easy). I decided it was still worthwhile to try and work out how to change the name of my previous page, as I could still benefit from the years of hard work, not to mention the money I had spent gaining likes.

I am not one to give up easily so I started doing more research, I even contacted other Facebook page owners that had successfully changed their name, only to learn that they had gone through weeks of rejection and had no ‘secret formula’. It just seemed that they lucked it!

I just kept trying different names, and then one day… it happened. They allowed the change! I have no idea why, I cannot tell you what the secret formula was, all I can say is that sometimes persistence pays off.

I recommend you just keep making requests until you get approved. Of course, you will need to come up with a dozen or so acceptable new names, so you can try different variations.

As the saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” and in my case, I think my repetitive requests is what got me the name change in the end. Hopefully you don’t have to put in as many requests as I did (9 in total) but if that what it takes I guess it’s what you’ll have to do! Good Luck

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