How to sign out Instagram

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 How to sign out Instagram
How Do I Log Out Of Instagram? A Recent Update Appears To Have Removed The Option
Instagram has seen a flurry of updates lately, and it looks like one of them might be causing either a glitch on the platform, or a change that users weren't anticipating. You may be wondering how to log out of Instagram since, for some reason, the log out option seemed to have disappeared from the settings menu for some users on Tuesday. It's quite possibly a bug due to one of the recent upgrades, but it could be intentional. Other apps, like Facebook Messenger, for example, do not have a log out option. Bustle has reached out to Instagram about the issue but has not yet heard back.

(UPDATE: The missing logout option has been confirmed to Bustle to be a bug; a fix is in the works.)

Logging out of the app used to be quite simple, and rather intuitive. You could click the gear in the top right corner, and that would bring up a new menu with a number of options, including one to sign out. But for the moment, that button has mysteriously vanished for some. I've looked in both my personal account as well as the business account that I manage, and I'm totally unable to log out of either. I have not, however, had any problems switching between the two accounts, which some other outlets have reported.

Instagram users are understandably frustrated by the change, especially on the heels of the announcement regarding Instagram's new algorithm and how our newsfeeds are going to be changing in the near future — something quite a few people aren't too thrilled about. (By the way, you can ensure that you see all the posts you want by turning on notifications for those users.)

Hopefully Insta will fix the problem quickly; but here's what we are seeing now. This was what you used to see when you clicked the gear icon. Note the log-out options at the bottom.

Here's what we're seeing now. Bye-bye, log-out buttons!

If you view Instagram on your desktop (which, by the way, has also undergone a cool upgrade recently), you can still log out of that. Click on the three little dots to the right of your name to bring up the log out option. Here's what it looks like on mine.

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Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. Meanwhile, please keep taking pictures of your food and Starbucks for later posting.
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