How To You Make A Poll On Facebook

How To You Make A Poll On Facebook
How To You Make A Poll On Facebook

How to Create a Poll on Facebook
Since it began as TheFacebook in 2004, Facebook has seen dozens of design changes and feature additions, from the arrival of the News Feed in 2006 to the introduction of company and celebrity Pages in 2010 and the embrace of apps in 2012. In late 2017, Facebook polls encouraged users to express their inquisitive side on the world's biggest social media platform. Like checking in to a location or sharing photos, polls are now part of the Facebook experience and easily accessible from several areas of the platform, including individual profiles and event pages. Whether you have a burning question or an irreverent query, you have options for posting polls on Facebook.

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How Do You Do a Poll on Facebook?

Adding a simple poll for your friends and followers on Facebook on either the app or the desktop site works much the same way as adding a photo or updating your status. These simple polls offer a few – two, usually – voting options, sometimes with an accompanying photo or animated GIF, and they collect results over a specified period.

The polls aren't anonymous, so if you create a poll, you can see how each person votes. Likewise, anyone who votes can see everyone else's answer.
How Do You Make a Poll on Your Facebook Profile?

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To get cracking on your poll, log in to Facebook and go right to the ubiquitous "What's on your mind?" box, where you usually make posts or add photos and videos. On the mobile app, tap the "What's on your mind?" box to display the options. On the website, click the "..." symbol in the status box. In either case, you'll see "Poll" on a menu that includes familiar options like "Photo/Video," "GIF" and "Check in."
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