I want to login to my Facebook

                                                   I want to login to my Facebook

 I want to login to my Facebook
How to use Facebook to login on my Gmail account
To enable this feature you need to link your Facebook to your Gmail account first. Just go to yourFacebook account settings, select Gmail in the LinkedAccounts section, and that's it.Log in to your Gmail accountthen go to http://facebook.com.

Lowell Orelup, Chief Marketing Officer at Doky Cloud Computing (2017-present) ·
I don't know that you really want to; Google and Facebook don't play nicely together. For that same reason, I don't know that you can.

Facebook requires an email address. You can use your gmail address to log into Facebook, but that's not really what you're asking.
You can set the same password for both, but the passwords won't stay in sync if you change one of them.

But for Google to offer a “login with Facebook” option, they'd need to partner with Facebook. Google and Facebook see themselves as competitors (even if you and I don't view them that way), and so they tend not to partner with each other.

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Why do they see themselves as competitors? For one, their headquarters are geographically close to each other and I'm sure they steal talent from each other all the time. Second, Google wants to be a social network (hence, Google Plus), and Facebook has announced plans to be a search engine (although a different type of search engine with a social component). And you can use either company’ s productd to send messages to your friends (posts, IM, email).

More fundamentally, Google ( which also owns YouTube) and Facebook (which also owns Instagram) both want you to spend all your free time on their sites. Bottom line - they are competing for your attention. And that competition is pretty intense. You should feel special :-)
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