My Facebook Code Number

My Facebook Code Number
My Facebook Code Number

How to verify my Facebook account and send the code to my new phone number
Priya Mehra, former Senior Technial Analyst at Google (2016-2018)
Answered Mar 21, 2018

If you have already a Phone number and set 2-step verification step, then every time you will code on that number. You have to update your number from settings.

If you dont want to use your number , then there are two ways to verify your facebook account with Virtual Phone Number

You may refer here: Bypass Facebook Phone Number Verification Security Checkpoint [2 ways]

You can use ‘TextNow’ or SMSPVA, this will provide you numbers, just go here and get the Virtual phone number and try it and get the code & verify your account.

Thanks !!!

Corey Blaser, Been using the internet since before most millennials were even born.
Answered Dec 31, 2015
Originally Answered: How do I verify my Facebook account if it is sending the code to my old phone number?

Since you know your old phone number, try calling the new owner and let them know that you had used it to verify certain accounts online and then ask then nicely if they wouldn't mind forwarding you the text message with the code. *Send it while they are on the phone with you.

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They may or may not be cool with it, but it might be the easiest way. And don't forget to go in and change your phone number when you get access again. You don't want to have to make an awkward phone call twice.
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