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When you search someone on Facebook and/or visit their page, they will not know you looked them up, unless that person you looked up specifically knew in hindsight you would and somehow got access to your computer to install a key logger or some sort of tracking virus. Since I am guessing that the person or people you’re looking up most likely have no such knowledge and ability, then it’s safe to say that you’re totally fine.

Also, I noticed there are a lot of misinformation in many of the other posts that say ‘people you might know’ is based on them searching for you. That is only partially correct, but not wholly true. The algorithm that manages that function is based on a series of formulae that determine whether you might want to add those people as friends or not. Some of these functions include:
Friends of friends.

People that share the same interests, Facebook group Likes, networks.
People that in the past, Liked or have responded to some of your posts frequently enough.
People that have searched for you and friends of those people that have searched for you.
Based on your contacts from various apps such as your email contacts, phone contacts, etc.
Based on your location, though this has debatable.
And many other variables. There are tons of them.

It is impossible to tell if it’s based solely on someone searching for you and vice versa, because there are literally tons of other reasons why people pop up in your “People You May Know” list. So again, it’s safe to say that you’re totally fine and just so you know, this has been tested before many times.

I’ve created test FB accounts for various apps and made them completely private with made up names. People still show up on “People you may know” after awhile.
Interestingly your profile might get showed to them as “Do you know “XXX”? Apart from that there is no other way of them knowing directly that you searched (looked up) at their profile.

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Facebook might highlight your profile like to the one who searched multiple times, but that’s certainly not a give away, for suggestion by facebook might be due to multiple metrics.
Mutual Friends
Engagements on Common posts
Tagged in a pic by friend of friend
Same company, locality, visiting common places (multiple such factors together)
and tons more along with mutually or solely looking at each profiles (searching)

Now there is no way your friend (the one who you searched) can tell that you have searched for their profile.

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