Remove reviews from Facebook

                                                 Remove reviews from Facebook

  Remove reviews from Facebook
     Facebook might have been created to get a girl (if the movie The Social Network is to be believed), but for your business it’s all about getting customers. Unfortunately, opening the doors for Facebook reviews can feel a bit like starting a political debate on the site — you might not like all the comments you see.

Reviews are not testimonials. You can’t just remove one negative review because you don’t like it. However, you can completely disable Facebook reviews from your page. Think of it as the nuclear option. When diplomacy fails, here’s how to make your reviews simply vanish.
How to Remove Reviews On Your Facebook Page
Removing Facebook reviews can be done in seconds. The only catch is that it removes the map and check-ins, too. On the plus side, those features are not as important for home service providers like electricians and landscapers. You’re not a restaurant or retail store, after all. And people can still see your address and open a map in their browser.

Here are the steps to remove reviews from Facebook:
Log into Facebook as your business. If you’re logged in under your personal account, click the down arrow in the top-right corner and then click the page name under “Use Facebook as.”
Go to your page and click on “Settings.”
In the left-hand column, click on “Page Info.”
Next to the “Address” row, click on “Edit.”
Uncheck the box that says “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page.” This is located under the map. Click “Save Changes” to complete.

Notice that you’re removing the reviews from sight — if you want to bring them back later, you can! Just head back to the settings page and check the box.
Will Facebook Remove an Individual Review?

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If you’ve received a review that contains spam or hate speech, Facebook should remove it based on their “Community Standards.” They may also delete a review that doesn’t discuss your company or service.
Don’t get your hopes up about Facebook deleting an angry review, though. This is for truly inappropriate posts only. You’ll need to contact Facebook to report an inappropriate review.
Improve Your Site’s SEO With Online Reviews
One of the best ways to improve your website’s rankings on the web is to get a lot of online reviews from local customers in your area — Facebook included. Reviews from customers within your service area displays your great work, and helps boost rankings on SERPs and within online directories.

About to leave a job site? Leave your customer with marketing collateral with instructions on how to leave a review on the web. Or follow up your job completion with a “thank you” email with a direct link to leave a review.
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