What Does Outgoing Mean On Facebook

                                             What Does Outgoing Mean On Facebook
What Does Outgoing Mean On Facebook

In fact, the social media giant has made it possible to track all of your unrequited friend requests at the click of a button - and it will probably make for eye-opening reading.

If feeling rejected is your thing, then you can use this link to see all the people who never clicked accept when they first got that fateful notification from you.

Alternatively, you can click on the "friends" section in your timeline, and tap the "Find Friends" button.
Under this menu, you have the option to respond to any invitations from would-be friends, and "view sent requests."
By clicking on "view sent requests", you'll find yourself in the depressing world of outgoing friend invites, where you can see what happened to any unanswered requests you may have sent.

2Checking your outgoing friend requests is one way to ruin your evening... and be reminded of countless cringey encounters

And this cruel page really is the place to be, if you want to spend the rest of your night cringing as you relive every failed chat-up attempt and awkward encounter you've ever had.

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