What happens when you deactivate Facebook

                                        What happens when you deactivate Facebook                                                                             
What happens when you deactivate Facebook
Are the text buttons bigger with Facebook delete in an Android phone?
Facebook  is great for phones with lower resolution displays because the text and buttons are bigger on the Facebook Lite version. In the Lite version’s notification section, you can see people's profile image pop up to declare if someone commented or liked your post or photo, but it is a smaller and lower resolution image when compared with the full Facebook app.
What are the biggest differences between the Android Facebook app and this Facebook Lite app?

The difference between Facebook Lite and Facebook is how much space the original Facebook takes up, how much data it takes to run the app. Plus, the Lite version doesn't require a high speed Internet connection to run at full capacity. Both apps will allow you to access your Facebook account, but the Lite app makes it so that you do not need to download the Messenger app. The Lite version allows you to see the messages and send/receive without using Facebook Messenger. Facebook Lite also saves your battery when compared to the full version, but won’t be able to play videos, and the Lite version loads more slowly.
Does this Lite version still have a Facebook newsfeed?

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Facebook Lite has the same newfeed that the full app has. It also has Facebook events to keep you up date about whatever liberal ideas that Facebook wants you to swallow. You can still follow your favourite bands, TV Shows, and more using Facebook Lite.
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