What to follow on Facebook

                                         What to follow on Facebook                                                                   
What to follow on Facebook

Everyone likes to gripe about Edgerank (myself included at times). But let's face it -- it's here to stay.
So if we want to see more posts flowing through our News Feed, we need to find other ways to open up the spigot.
How do you get a more dynamic and vibrant News Feed full of diverse and ever-changing information?
Turns out it's easier than you think. :)
Enter Facebook Interest Lists
quietly launched "Interest Lists" about a year ago -- around the same time Timeline launched.

Before that, lists were mostly used for organizing friends. The new Lists let users include people (including non-friends) and pages.
Keep in mind that once you follow a List, you only see a summary of the List's recent posts in your main News Feed. To get the most out of the List, you need to visit it directly -- by clicking the List's bookmark in your left Facebook navigation.
Edgerank bypassed!
But here's the kicker... ready for it? There is NO Edgerank algorithm applied to Lists!!
Yes you read that correctly.

And the cool thing is the creator of the List gets to decide:
which pages and people are included
what types of posts are shown
For example, on the Lists I created, I set them up to show only status, links, photos and videos -- normal posts, basically. I excluded all the other stuff -- like milestones, birthdays, liked pages, etc.
I've done my best to show you a broad array of Lists from different people. But you'll notice many names repeated -- typically Facebook employees who've created Lists for users.

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Enjoy this "Motherlode List of Lists"! -- and make sure to follow them and share this post with your friends and followers!
Social Media Lists on Facebook
I start with the niche I talk about the most: Social Media. If you're in this niche or want to learn how to use social media for your business, follow these Lists!
1. Social Media Resources

by Scott Ayres (me). This is my go-to resource for social media related news. You'll find Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, Jon Loomer and more. If you're into Social Media, this List is a must.
2. Facebook Experts
by Mari Smith. Mari's List is full of experts and pages focused mainly on Facebook. One of my favorites on the list is Amy Porterfield. Mari's List has almost 30,000 followers to date!
3. Facebook Designers

by Chris Kalani. Created by a Facebook employee, this List includes people who work at Facebook in the design department.
4. Social Media Savvy (and fun!)
by Scott Kleinberg. Another great List of social media related people. But not your typical big names.
5. 100 People to Follow on Facebook
by Mari Smith. Mari created this great List of great people to follow on Facebook -- folks like Rosh Khan and Casey Zeman to name a few.
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