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How do I 'unlink' my Outlook account with Facebook?
I have tried to unlink my Outlook account with Facebook. My Outlook account is still showing my Facebook profile picture which is very unprofessional for my Outlook business emails.

I have successfully done the 'Don't show public content from 3rd parties' and also removed my old Outlook profile pic and uploaded a professional looking profile picture. I have also changed settings to 'friends' re: my email address privacy settings on Facebook. Test emails have shown that my old Facebook profile pic still remains on my Outlook profile even after doing all of the above.

I have also noticed looking at other threads that I am supposed to 'Remove connection completely' from my profile using the following instructions:
"1. Sign in with your Microsoft account at
2. Click “Manage” on the left part of your profile page.

3. Click “Edit” under the Facebook icon.
4. Click “Remove this connection completely” at the bottom part of the page.
5. Click “Remove” on the dialog box that will appear."
It is not working because there is no 'Manage' option on my profile page. There is a 'manage' option under 'People' but no FB icon to click 'edit' under.

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This is extremely frustrating and a gross invasion of my privacy. I have already wasted 1 1/2 hrs trying to correct this and I am furious.
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Welcome to Microsoft Community and I understand the frustration you are dealing with at the moment. I also appreciate you for providing as much details as you can about your concern. Since you are still unable to unlink Facebook from your account, I advise that you try these updated steps:
Login to the
Microsoft accountpage.
On the left panel, click
Permissions, then click Manage accounts.
Look for Facebook, then click
Remove this connection completely.
A pop-up window will appear confirming if you want to remove the account, then select

After doing so, log out and log back in to your account. Try to send a test email to your account or one of your contacts and let us know if the Facebook profile picture no longer shows. If the issue is persistent, kindly provide the affected email address in the private message I initiated.
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