Craigslist Job Site

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Craigslist Job Site
Finding a Job Using Craigslist
Craig's List (officially, is an enormous, widely-distributed, mostly-free online classifieds site, one of the most popular websites in the world.

Craigslist offers two important advantages for job seekers:
If you are looking for a job with a small local employer, craigslist is often a gold mine because it is very visible but also inexpensive for small employers to use to post their opportunities.
Craigslist offers a wide range of jobs beyond the typical professional office jobs that dominate most job boards, including construction, retail, transportation, and more.

Relentlessly organized by location, craigslist offers all of the traditional classified ad sections plus quite a bit more. The locations covered include the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India, Japan, the Philippines, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and more!

Each craigslist site has the same "look" and organization - but not content - as all the others, with many categories of classified ads, including jobs and gigs (projects), as well as events, housing, and things for sale.Advertisement
2 Important Cautions

Like all job boards and websites, you need to be cautious and careful in choosing and responding to job postings on craigslist, too.

Craigslist is different from most sites you have used in looking for a job because the cost of posting a job is very low ($7 to $75, depending on location). This is very inexpensive in comparison with most job boards. As with most things on the Internet, there can also be a downside which you need to keep in mind when doing an online job search:
1.) Watch out for scams.

The craigslist people work hard to minimize the scams posted, and visitors can "flag" postings that they think are inappropriate by clicking on the "prohibited" box at the top of the posting. However, since posting an entry is low cost, scammers, scammer wannabe's, and just plain inept people do abuse it. So, be careful. To help their visitors, craigslist has a section called "avoiding scams and fraud." Be sure to read it! Also flag any job you think may be a scam
2.) Protect your privacy and your current job if you post your resume.

There is a category where people can post their resumes. Those postings will be visible to anyone who visits the site, so limit the contact information and details that you include. Anyone, including your current boss, can view your resume on craigslist if you post it there. Read the CyberSafe resume article for tips on methods to use to protect your privacy while enabling your job search, Guide to a Stealthy -- and Successful -- Secret Job Search, and To Be Hired, Be Reachable - How to Safely Publish Your Contact Information on LinkedIn.
Craigslist for Job Search

When care is taken, craigslist can be extremely useful for job hunting.
Finding the "Right" Craigslist

To find the craigslist for your state or town, or where you want to live, go to craigslist, click on your continent (craigslist is in MANY countries!), and select the location you want from the map. craigslist also provides a list of links on the right side of the home page of every craigslist location. Just click on the appropriate location link from those listed.

The home page for every craigslist location will look like all the other craigslist home pages except there will be a different name in the heading at the top of the page (and maybe a different language, depending on your choices). If you pick a state in the USA with several local craigslists, you will get a page that offers you a choice of towns and cities in that state.Advertisement
Understanding Craigslist's Organization

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The listings are organized by category, in reverse chronological order which means that the newest ones are at the top. So, today's postings are at the top (with the newest postings at the very top), yesterday's postings will be next, and on down to the oldest at the end. So, you can pick a category and/or a sub-category to see the listings.
Listings may be miss-categoriezed by the people who post them, so focusing on a sub-category can be a mistake if something you want is listed in a sub-category you don't check. The search function is a BIG help overcoming that problem (more below).
Finding the Jobs in Craigslist
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