Facebook All Request Cancel

Facebook All Request Cancel
Facebook All Request Cancel
How To Cancel All Sent Pending Friend Requests on Facebook

InformAfrica – Are you one of the many Facebook users that once randomly sent out friend requests upon joining Facebook with most of your requests ignored and want to cancel them? Better yet, maybe several years after sending certain friend requests that you no longer remember, you all of a sudden started getting notifications from Facebook that a user has accepted your friend request?

Read on to learn how to cancel all your sent pending friend requests on FB you no longer want. Learn How to Cancel All Sent Pending Friend Requests on Facebook

Whatever the reason for wanting to delete all your sent pending friend requests, we believe it is for a good cause. However, Facebook is so wrong for almost making it impossible (or inconvenient) to delete sent pending friend requests on the social networking platform, what kind of ethics is that Facebook?

Without further ado, an easy way to delete all your pending friend request is to use a Facebook app called “Pending Friend Requests” developed by the guys at 5Social.

The Pending Friend Requests app allows you to see who has not responded to your friend requests. Check it out – you might be surprised who still hasn’t accepted your requests (from years ago)! -5 Social

You can also cancel all your pending friend requests manually but the procedure is somewhat cumbersome. It involves downloading and extracting your Facebook data via account settings after it has been archived.

Depending on how long and how active you use Facebook, it may take over 1 to 2 hours for Facebook to completely archive all your data and make it available for download to your computer. After which you have to extract the folder and locate to open “index.html” file where you will be able to see your “Pending sent friend request”.
How To Use Pending Friend Requests App To Delete All Sent Friend Requests

It’s quite easy to use “Pending Friend Requests” to delete all your sent requests on Facebook. In fact, it’s so easy to use the app that it is self-explanatory and am going to give you a break down on the procedure in images.

1. Go to Pending Friend Requests App Page on Facebook and click okay to authorize the app to access your profile, friend list and friend requests. See image below. Social Pending Friend Requests App

2. Next, click the blue tab labeled “Find Past Requests” as seen in the diagram below to command the app to find all your sent friend requests. Social pending friend request guide

3. Can you see the “Get Friend Request Data” green tab in the diagram below? Clicking that tab will pop-up a small window that contains all your Facebook data. You are then required to copy all the text in that window by first using CTRL+A on your keyboard to select all the code in the pop-up window (or right click and use “select all” from the drop down menu).

This will then enable you to use CTRL+C to copy all the code and paste in the No.3 empty box as shown in the diagram below. Click the blue “Load Past Requests” button and the app will gather all your past sent friend requests including your past received friend requests. Social pending friend request how-to

After completing the 1-2-3 step as explained above, you will then be presented a page showing the profile pages of those you sent friend requests in the past but still pending. You are now required to visit their individual profile pages to cancel the friend requests you sent in the past. See the diagram below. Cancel sent friend request on FB

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Now you know how to cancel all your sent pending friend requests on Facebook. I hope you find this how-to article helpful. Feel free to share this article with friends on your social network to inform them how to delete all pending sent requests.
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