Facebook Blocked Account Recovery

Facebook Blocked Account Recovery
Facebook Blocked Account Recovery
How to Recover a Temporarily Locked Facebook Account on Mobile

So you’ve been locked out of your Facebook account and you’re reading this post. It’s ok, we’ve got your back! Did you enter the wrong password too many times? Did someone try to hack your account? Regardless of the reason, we’re not judging. If Facebook is one of your most used apps, it can be frustrating to be locked out. Here are some tips for recovering a temporarily locked Facebook account on your mobile device.

1. Delete and then reinstall the Facebook app.

2. Login with account details.

3. On the security page that opens up, select “Get help from friends”.

4. On the trusted contacts page that opens up, select a few good friends who you can contact easily.

5. Click on Continue. Facebook will send a security code to all the friends who you have just selected.

6. Contact those friends and request that they send you the code.

7. Once you gather all the codes from your friends, you can use the code to unlock your Facebook account.

If that doesn’t work…

1. Reinstall the app on your phone, and clear the cache if you have it opened in your browser.

2. Email disabled@facebook.com and include your name, date of birth, and a brief description of the probably. They will likely ask you to confirm your identification with a license or passport.

3. Once your identity is confirmed, they will send a reactivation link as long as you have not violated any of their policies. Click on that and go through the automated security verification process.

4. During this time, try not to attempt to open your Facebook account for any reason.

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To make sure your account doesn’t get locked out again, verify your account here. Good luck!
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  1. Why do you lenghten my blocking from your account hour after hour. it was 24 hours first, then lenghtening to five more hours. Is this hackers work ??????