He Accepted My Friend Request Now What

He Accepted My Friend Request Now What
He Accepted My Friend Request Now What
My crush accepted my friend request. Though we don't know each other too well but still he accepted my request. What does it mean?
Dinkar Kumar, studied at National Institute of Technology, Delhi
Answered Nov 12, 2017
This means she clicked on accept friend button. You can start conversation with her. Remember, do normal conversation not the creepy one, else she must be knowing block button too. Also she accepted your “Friend request” that too on fb.

Start gradually and slowly make her feel that you like her and wait for respond. If respond is positive go ahead. If no respond then try to contact her personally and infer it as negative response. If you negative response, be nice to her. Don’t start to stalk her profile, she won’t love it. Remember, there are lot of things to do in life apart from this girlfriend boyfriend drama.

Megha Gulati, Don't be crushed ;) ·

Ok take a deep breathe first. I know this might mean a lot for you like a new way you two can interact and sure you are excited that now you can share thoughts and get to know him more. But wait, you are missing a big picture here, it might just be a friend request for him.. it is actually no biggie for him.

I know I know you must be feeling quite anxious and in starting starting if you send him a message you would just hold your breathe to see his reply but its just a normal conversation for him okay? So just keep it cool..be normal and don’t let him know that you like him for now at least. Only time will tell that if he is worth your attention.

if he is then you should be for him-

Be sweet but not desperate

Be kind but not a kiss up

Be a friend but not chipkoo

Be a girl but not annoying

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Prasad Rajguru, Graphics Designer, learner and always hungry. ·

Boys accept friend requests by any girl and some of them are dumb enough to accept request by fake profiles.
If he doesn't know you and you want to be with him then you should do something to get his attention rather than waiting for him to message you. The policy adopted by girls to do nothing and wait for the guy to approach is seriously ridiculous.

Jimmy James, Been there had that.
Answered May 5, 2016

It means you both are now friends on Facebook.
Nothing more. Stop overthinking and start living. Get a hobby, score well. He will notice!
My crush goes crazy when I score well and starts texting me like nuts.

Anshuman Pachauri, Founder at Futurocks Learning (2017-present) ·

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Yes, it means you have all the right to be positive. Accepting a request does mean that he has not only recognised you but also that you not in his negative bucket.

Worst case is that he is neutral towards you, which I feel is a good start
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