How Can I Open My Fb Account

                                      How Can I Open My Fb Account
How Can I Open My Fb Account
   It's obvious you have tried opening it with your old email and password but if that's not helping use forgot password and follow the steps. If that also doesn't work then try reopening your email which was used for opening that Facebook account and try with your login again, you shall get a passport reset link on that email. If all this fails contact Facebook and they might help you get your account back if it's not deleted.

From what I could find, you just want to try and contact Facebook and ask for the account back. You can even ask the police to help you find it.

Asking Facebook for your account back is quick and easy. There are also websites out there who can give you bonus tips. Go to Facebooks account and just request the account back and explain why. They may have to check it first, but as long as there’s nothing bad on there than you should be good to go on getting it back.

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By logging into your old FB accout with your old details if you don’t remember then reset it and if you don’t remember anything Then just contact Fb and hopefully they might able to help.

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Originally Answered: How can I open my old Facebook account again?

Unless you deleted the account it will still be there , enter your old username and password press enter . If deleted you can never recover it , make a new account.
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