How do i follow someone on Facebook

                                              How do i follow someone on Facebook
How do i follow someone on Facebook

How to Follow Someone on Facebook
Occasionally, next to the Add Friend button on someone’s Facebook Timeline, you’ll see an additional button named Follow. Following people on Facebook is a way of getting updates from them in your News Feed without actually becoming their friend. Usually people follow people like journalists or public figures because they don’t really want to expose their posts to someone who, let’s face it, doesn’t really know them.

Following someone is as easy as — actually, it’s easier than — adding someone as a friend. Navigate to that person’s Timeline and click the Follow button. To unfollow her, click that same button (it now says Following) to open a menu of options. Select the Unfollow option (the last item on the menu).

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If you’re someone who plans on posting lots of public updates or are a public figure (locally or nationally), you can allow people to follow you instead of becoming your friend (they’ll also be able to add you as a friend, but you won’t have to accept their requests for them to see your posts). Follow these steps to allow people to follow you:

Click the upside-down triangle in the upper-right corner of the big blue bar on top.
A menu of options appears.
Select the Settings option.
The Account Settings page appears, which has a menu running down the left-hand side.
Select Followers from the left menu.
The Follower Settings page appears.
Check the box labeled Turn On Follow.

Congrats! People can now follow your public posts. Once you opt into this feature, more settings appear on the page. These settings allow you to specify how followers can find and interact with your Timeline. This is also where you can connect a Twitter account so your tweets will also be imported to Facebook.
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