How to share to a group on Facebook

                                                 How to share to a group on Facebook
How to share to a group on Facebook
How to Use the Facebook Group Share Box
Posting to the Facebook group works the same way as posting from a Timeline or the News Feed. There is a Share box at the top of the Recent Posts section of the page. A few sections of the Share box appear for groups that don’t appear on Timelines or in News Feeds: Ask Question and Add File.
The important thing to remember is that when you share something from a group, you’re sharing it only with the members of that group. And if you’re a member of a group, you also need to remember that you may not be friends with everyone in the group. In a big group, you may actually be sharing with many people who typically couldn’t see the things you post.

Although the Share box works almost the same way across Facebook, all the options are briefly explained here within the context of groups.
Write a Group Post

Posts are basically like status updates that you share only with the members of a group (unless the group is open, in which case anyone can see your post). You might post an update just to say “Hi” or to start a discussion with group members. To write a post, follow these steps:
Click in the Share box (where it says Write Something at the top of the group page).
After you click in the box, the Post button appears below the text box along with buttons to indicate where you are and which other Facebook members are with you.
Type whatever you want to say in the box.

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For the Dummies group, this might be something like “What do people think of the new groups?” or “Does anyone know how I can start group chat?” You can also post a link to a relevant article or website in this space.

(Optional) Add location information or tags to the post.
Clicking the person icon in the lower-left corner of the Share box allows you to add a tag to others when you write a post. Clicking the location icon allows you to add information about where you are when you write the post.
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