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   Http My Facebook
Facebook Search
I have created a new Facebook search tool that has much better functionality then my first tool (available below).

The new tool is a Google Chrome extension so you must use Google Chrome as your browser and then click the link below to go to the Chrome Store. 

Once there, simply click the button to install the extension. To use Facebook Graph search, you will need to have your language settings in

 Facebook set to English (US). It is a simple process to install this tool. If you find this tool useful I will be very grateful if you can share it and write a review in the Chrome Store site.
Intelligence Search

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Below is my first Facebook search tool, please let me know what you think and share it on Social Media.

This has been developed with inspiration and support from Balazs Paroczay.
NB. Your browser may need to be logged into Facebook for this to work. If there is a problem log into Facebook and try again.
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