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Log Out My Facebook
How to Log Out of Facebook

Four Methods:Facebook WebsiteFacebook Mobile AppLogging Out RemotelyFacebook Messenger AppCommunity Q&A

Staying logged into Facebook makes sense if you have a computer that's truly personal, but if your computer is shared it's better to log out as soon as you're done using it. If you forgot to log out of a public or shared computer, you can use the Facebook security settings to log out remotely. If you need to log out of the Messenger app, you'll need to use some workarounds since there is no log out function built-in. To remove yourself more permanently from Facebook, you can also deactivate your account.

Method 1Facebook Website
Click the small arrow in the upper-right corner. You can find this on the right side of the blue Facebook header bar. The arrow points down, and looks like ▼.

Click "Log Out" at the bottom of the menu. You will immediately be logged out of the Facebook website.
Open the Facebook menu. Tap the "☰ More" button in the lower-right corner (iOS), or the ☰ button in the upper-right corner (Android). This will open the Facebook menu.
Scroll to the bottom and tap "Log Out." This is the last button in the menu.

Tap "Log Out" again to confirm. This will log you out of the Facebook app and return you to the app's log in screen.
If your Facebook account is synced with your Android device, it will no longer sync.

Use this method to log out of a computer or device you no longer have access to. If you left Facebook open while at work or at school, or left the app open on your friends phone, you can use your Security Settings to log out remotely.
This method can also log you out of Facebook Messenger, which doesn't normally have a "Log Out" option.

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Visit your Security Settings page. This will display all of your account's security options.
Desktop site - Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of your Facebook homepage, select "Settings," then select "Security." You can also visit facebook.com/settings?tab=security and log in if prompted.
Facebook App and Mobile site - Tap the ☰ button, scroll to the bottom, then tap "Account Settings." Tap the "Security" option.

Open your list of active logins. This list will display all of the locations that you are currently logged into Facebook. This will include your current device, your mobile devices, and any other locations you are logged in at.
Desktop site - Click the "Where You're Logged In" option. You'll find this towards the bottom of the Security menu.
Facebook App and Mobile site - Tap "Active Sessions."
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