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Facebook Video Downloader Online
UPDATE (21 August 2018): We updated the How-To section with newer and easier to follow screenshots. We also added a how-to guide and screenshots for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). You can now check guides without exiting the home page with the new "How to Use" button.
UPDATE (03 July 2018): We've updated the Private Video Downloader, making it even simpler and easier to use as well as fixing all the issues related to it.
UPDATE (18 June 2018): Our Chrome Extension now shows Thumbnails for Facebook Videos. We also fixed an issue that caused the extension to be automatically deleted due to a false positive trigger.
UPDATE (20 April 2018):
New Features and Fixes:

Convert Videos with Audio Issues: Now you'll be able to Convert & Download videos that have Audio issues or No Audio at all in 1 Click. This was due to Copyrighted Music in the video. It is now limited to videos under 6 Minutes, we'll allow longer videos in the near future.
Facebook Gaming Videos: You'll be able to download Facebook gaming videos from your favorite streamers.
The convert & download feature is in Beta testing, if you encounter any issues please Contact us, we rely on your feedback.
UPDATE (09 March 2018): We've update the Chrome extension and fixed some minor issues. Also,

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we want to inform you that our website is now accessible from the new generic domain FBDOWN.COM.
UPDATE (14 November 2017): We fixed an issue that caused videos links from the mobile version of Facebook not to be detected ( Mobile videos are now downloadable again..
UPDATE (12 September 2017): We updated the website and fixed some minor issues. Also FBDown now uses HTTPS (SSL) for a better and more secure experience, you might have already noticed the SECURE on the address bar :)
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