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A Facebook account is something everybody in the twenty-first century has access to. I Mean anyone above the age of thirteen can open a Facebook account as it does not cost a dime. A Facebook account is totally free to create access and use for eligible users Facebook has grown to be a means of conversation between friends from all over the world.

With just a Facebook account, you can connect and make both voice and video calls with anyone wherever they are in the world. Now, a Facebook account can be opened using any of the Facebook apps, the Facebook web, or even the app on PC. There are also a lot of messaging apps for Facebook. Actually there are two major ones with great benefits so if you do not use facebook because you think they have a poor standard of messaging, then you have to think again.

Getting Access to Facebook

Getting access to Facebook is the most important thing when it comes to using Facebook. You cannot use Facebook without first accessing it or any of their apps. Now one good news about Facebook is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good data connection.

Facebook can be accessed on PC, mobile phones, Android devices, iOS devices and even iPhone devices. Facebook can be used on a wide range of devise which is why it is one of the basic and fastest means of constant communication with friends.

How to Open a Facebook Account

A Facebook account must be created before you can start using Facebook. to create a Facebook account,
  • Launch any of the Facebook apps n your device or launch your web browser and navigate to www.facebook.com.
  • When the page loads, click the sign up link at the extreme bottom of the page. Skip this step if you use a PC.
  • Fill in every detail required on the sign up form and add your date of birth.
  • Continue by clicking “sign up” again and confirm your mobile number if you used one by following the on-screen instructions.

Easily navigate through the rest of the Facebook set up steps to help Facebook get an idea to fill up your news feed. After completing the sign up you would be redirected to the news feed of your new Facebook account.

How to Log In To Facebook

It has been noticed that most Facebook users do not know how to log in to their account, to log in to your old Facebook account,
  • Launch the Facebook app you want to log in to or visit www.facebook.com using a web browser.
  • Fill the login form with your account log in details and click on log in.

Wait a few seconds and you would be directed to your Facebook account news feed if your details were accepted.
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