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What do you know about the Facebook developers? Well, there are lots of things you can learn on this topic and if you have no idea about this or you have heard it before and you want to have a developer account on Facebook then you should read this article because it will take you there. there are lots of people on Facebook that lack this information, that is why I took the pain, to do some research about this and now gotten the knowledge about it, and am here to share this knowledge among you today.

I will like to tell you how you can create a Facebook developer account, but things are not done that way, we need to follow process. When I say process, we should look understand step by step, and how can we understand step by step. By first understanding what the Facebook developer is all about and what it means, I believe once we do this it will give those who doesn’t know about the Facebook developer a clearer view about it.
Facebook Developers – What Is Facebook Developer
The Facebook developer is a Facebook account with lots of more interesting latest news and what is going on the Facebook platform. The face book developer is like another new version of Facebook, with it you can explore a lot of other things on Facebook. You can explore, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, business tools, gaming, open source, publishing, social integrations, social presence, virtual reality, these are some things you can explore on Facebook with a developer account, although there are lots more for you when you have a developer account on Facebook.

Facebook Developers – Is It Expensive

The Facebook developer is very free and not cost, but a lot of users think this costs a lot but it doesn’t. It is same with the Facebook account. When you want to open a Facebook account it is free, so as the Facebook developer, it is free to open a Facebook developer account. I believe this has cleared your doubt about the Facebook developer account. Not to waste your time, let me tell you how you can create a Facebook developer account.

Facebook Developers –To Open Developer Account
If you want to open or create a developer account on Facebook, you can do. But I have come to see that many users on the Facebook platform find it difficult to open a Facebook developer account on the Facebook platform. Well that shouldn’t be a problem at all. All you should do is to read the steps below;
  • Go to the Facebook site and then click on sign up.
  • On the Facebook homepage, fill in your information; names, gender, contact, date of birth.
  • Then tap on the sign up button below.
  • You will receive a confirmation code on your email or your phone number.
  • The email received, should be entered on the confirmation box.
  • When you have successfully, create a new Facebook account, enter this link in your browser url;www.facebook.com/developers/become_test_account.php.
  • The next page that shows, click on the “make a test account” button.
This will take you to the final confirmation page, and then congratulations you are now a developer on the Facebook platform.

These are the steps for you to follow when you want to have a Facebook developer account.
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