Facebook Messenger Video Call

Facebook Messenger Video Call: Facebook messenger video call can easily be made from the Facebook messenger app. This can be done irrespective of the messenger app you are using. I mean you could be using the Facebook messenger or the Facebook messenger lite. The Facebook messenger calls are totally free; all it costs is a good internet connection. To begin you must have a Facebook account. This cannot be skipped otherwise Facebook messenger would just be a normal SMS messaging app. There are many things that can be done for free on the Facebook Messenger app, but as I said before, you must have a Facebook account to access this feature. It may also impress you to know that any of the Facebook messenger apps allows you to make voice calls for free too.

Accessing Facebook – Facebook Messenger Video Call

Accessing the Facebook platform and opening an account is extremely easy, to do this follow the steps indexed below.
  • Navigate to the Facebook site that can be located at www.facebook.com. You could also launch any of the Facebook apps if you desire to.
  • Scroll down to find the sign up form if you use a Pc. If you use the mobile app or the web version of Facebook, click the sign up link at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form and hit “sign up” again.
After that walk through the Facebook verification and set up steps to complete your account sign up.

Making Calls with Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger Video Call

This can be done using you’re the web version of Facebook on your PC or the Facebook messenger app on your mobile device or smartphone. To start with, launch the messenger app on your smartphone or go to www.facebook.com and sign in using your Facebook account details if you haven’t done so already.
Open a conversation with the person you wish to call by clicking the person’s username from the chat page.
On the conversation window, click the camera image and wait for the call to be processed.

The recipient’s phone would now make a sound to alert him or her that there is an incoming call. If the person answers the call you two would be connected immediately. Always make sure to hit the hang up button at the end of your call otherwise the call may continue to stream. The same thing applies for voice calls but instead of hitting the camera image, you would hit the telephone image.
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