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Facebook Selling Page – Facebook has become one of the most powerful online marketing platforms used by millions of business owners in promoting their businesses online. Online marketing has become a rather powerful medium for promoting and expanding businesses and Facebook is proving to be one of the most relevant of these online marketing platforms.

Business owners can now set up Facebook Selling Page specifically for business purposes, maximize Facebook marketing tools to promote their businesses and reach a wider audience.

Lots of business owners are already using Facebook as a business platform and benefiting a lot from the online presence their business has on Facebook. You can now make your products available to the right audience on Facebook and expand your market to start making profits.

How To Create Facebook Selling Page

Facebook Selling Page or Facebook store is your Facebook selling page where you can sell your products to reach a wider customer base, it lets you show and sell your products to the right people. Customers can easily browse through your Facebook selling page, gain access to the products you are selling and buy products directly from your Facebook store.

In order to create a Facebook store, you will first need to create a Facebook business page. If you already have a business page, then it is quite easy to set up a Facebook selling page. Once you set up your Facebook store and add items and they are approved, your shop will appear on your page and customers can access it with ease. Follow these steps to set up your Facebook Selling Page :

  • First you need to navigate to your Facebook page and log into your Facebook business page to enable you access the admin panel
  • Facebook pages already have the shop page by default that is accessible to you as the page owner or admin.
  • Locate the shop icon on the left and click on it, you need to activate your template accurately to enable you see this shop icon. If you don’t see the shop, you will need to activate your templates in the right way.
  • Just go to SETTINGS, then TEMPLATES and TABS, find the current Template area and click on the edit button. You can then apply the shop template from there.
  • After getting the shop tab on your store, click on it, once you click on the shop tab a popup appears explaining the process you are about to go through. You can read through to understand the process before clicking the GET STARTED button.
  • Another pop-up appears on the screen prompting you to enter your business details. You will need to enter important business details as required on each field, then click NEXT
  • You will need to enter info about the state you do your business and tax registration number. You will need to enter your currency and email address if you want to get paid on Facebook. Just enter the right details for each pop-up screen, when you are done click the FINISH button.
  • Click on the SET UP PAYMENT button to set up payment details to publish your shop. You will be required to enter your tax details, accurate business name, employer identification number and your legal name. After entering the required info, click on the SAVE button, you need to enter the accurate info and cross check for mistakes before clicking save because it can’t be edited later.
  • Then finally link your bank to your Facebook store for payments, enter your bank routing , account number and account name, then click the SAVE button
  • Set up your shipping options and your return policy and customer service email on the SET YOUR PREFERENCES step, and then click FINISH to conclude the process.
How To Sell On Facebook Selling Page

Once you have set up your Facebook store it is easy to start selling product on the platform.
  • You need to first add products you are selling on your Facebook store by clicking the ADD button. You can choose to add products through inventory management platform or manually. Adding products through ecommerce/ inventory platform is the easiest way of adding products and making sure they are available too.
  • Manually adding your products is allowed by Facebook too, you will need to add the necessary details for each product manually. You will need to add details like images, descriptions, price and other details. And you can choose to share specific products on your business page.
  • After adding the necessary details on your Facebook store, you will need to start marketing your products by advertising them in groups and creating interesting contents. This will help to expand your market and improve your sales as well. Facebook ads are awesome ways of advertising your products; they are affordable and will definitely help you reach your target audience.
  • Once you set up your Facebook store and add products on your store, people who visit your Facebook page can easily click on your store tab and purchase things directly from your Facebook store.
How To Sell On Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

You can choose to sell your products on Facebook buy and sell groups to expand your market and grow your sales. Selling in Facebook buy and sell groups is good way of reaching a wider audience and gaining potential buyers.

You have to become a member of the group or you can start the group yourself and become the admin of the group and monitor the groups’ activities. To sell something in a Facebook buy and sell group:
  • Click the menu icon, then tap GROUPS and choose the buy and sell group you would like to sell in.
  • Tap on WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? At the top of the group
  • Enter the info about the item you are selling and tap POST

Facebook buy and sell groups are good platforms for promoting your business on Facebook and reaching a wider customer base. It can help in boosting your business and driving up your sales, the groups serve as good platforms for interacting with buyers and getting to know what they think about your business. Group members are potential buyers, and the more buy and sell groups you join the more people you reach.
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