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Are you one of the people that always search “Facebook sign up new account”? well if you are then you should not search any longer, here is the article to put you through when you want to sign up for a new account on Facebook, all you must do in order to know this is to continue reading this article.

The reason I said you should continue reading this article is because there are lots of things you will learn on it. There are lots of people out there that now find the Facebook site fun to access, and it is true the Facebook site, is a site when you have lots of fun and experience grate moments of a life time.

To begin with, I will like to explain what Facebook is before telling you how you can sign up on Facebook, in doing this you will have a clear understanding about the Facebook as a site. I believe there are lots out there that want to know about the Facebook before accessing it, that is why I want to talk about the Facebook.
Facebook Sign Up For New Account – What Is Facebook

Facebook is a social media site that allows you communicate or interact with those both in near or far distance. With this Facebook you can reach a lot of people without wasting a lot of money. There are people that waste lots of money when communicating with loved ones outside the country.

That is why Facebook is here to make communication easy and cheaper. Facebook has delivered us from communication barriers. Not to waste your time I will tell you how you can easily sign up on Facebook.
Facebook Sign Up For New Account – How to Sign Up

like I said there are lots of people out there that want to sign up on Facebook, but find it difficult or rather don’t know how to go about it, well that should not be a problem. Here are some guidelines to put you through;
  • The first thing you must do, Is to access your internet.
  • Go to or visit www.facebook.com.
  • Above the Facebook page, click on “create new account”.
  • You will now see some boxes, that should be filled, fill in your names, email or phone number, gender, date of birth.
  • When you have done it right, then click on sign up below.
  • You will be sent a code of confirmation to confirm your account on Facebook.
  • The digits you see should be type in the confirmation box, and then click on continue.
Then you will successfully create or sign up on the Facebook platform.
Facebook Sign Up For New Account – Sign In Facebook
Now if you have already signed up on Facebook and you find it difficult to sign in, follow the steps below;
  • Go to the Facebook website, www.facebook.com.
  • On the Facebook page, enter your email or phone number and your password on the two boxes.
  • When you have done it, they click on login or sign in.
Then you will access or sign in to your account on the Facebook platform.
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