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Find Mobile Phone Number: Facebook users usually add up their phone numbers to their Facebook account, this was a requirement to create a Facebook account without email address. So getting to see a friend's phone number on Facebook may be easy if the person did not hide his phon number from his friends or the general public.

So how can you get someone's phone number through Facebook, well its pretty simple but you have to note that you can only find the contact number of those who are your facebook good friends, not of every facebook individual. To achieve this follow the methods below;
  • Very first basic way to access the facebook contact number of an individual is to login to your facebook account as well as visit the facebook account of that person as well as after that click the information tab, scroll down to see the contact number.

You will just see the phone number if that individual has actually entered it on his profile.

  • An additional way to access the telephone number of all your facebook good friends to access the web based phone book on facebook at this link, where you can see the numbers and also search friends too to locate their contact number.

As revealed in the picture above, once you are logged in you will see the name and also telephone number of all your facebook good friends.

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