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Friends Matrix Facebook: Facebook is being used by millions of users on daily basis to connect with friends and family, we also tend to get enough fun on the platform, you can play games, can use lots of apps and all. Friend Matrix is a nice app which make collage from the profile pictures of your friends. 
Now once you use this app you will see pictures of your all friends in a collage but you will see that pictures of your friends are in different size, some are big and some are small. Actually Friend Matrix shows bigger picture of those friends with whom you interact more and smaller of those with whom you interact less, So it will easily tell you who keep you busy in Facebook.

To use Friend Matrix on Facebook, follow these steps below;
  • Visit the FriendMatrix website from below link,
  • It will ask you to connect with your Facebook profile, just let it do
  • Now it ask to access your personal data, allow it
  • Now within 1-2 minutes it will make a collage and show it to you,
  • You can share it on your Facebook profile with your friends.

This app is becoming popular so some time while accessing your Facebook account it will throw a error that No Place In Queue or like, don’t worry just wait for a minute or like and then try again.

I hope this was helpful to create your Facebook friends collage with Friends Matrix? Kindly share this with friends.
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