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Hide Someone on Facebook: Following the Facebook data leak, many of Facebook users would consider to offer to protect their Facebook account. Protecting your Facebook friends' list may sound no scary but there are users who visits profile just to steal their friends without even acknowledging it. To avoid this, it would be much better to hide your friends' list from public view, and how can this be done? Slightly deep into the settings exists an option control the visibility of your friend’s list

 So, if you've decided to hide your friends' list from public view, Follw the steps below;

Note that people would still be able to see your friendship on Facebook timeline and news feed, Though only you will be able to see your full friends list on your timeline, other people can still see your mutual friends.

Step 1. Open Facebook on your mobile device and tap the menu button.

Step 2. Now, scroll down and tap on Settings and select Account Settings.

Step 3. Next, tap on Privacy.

Step 4. Next up, scroll down again and tap on Who can see your friends list.

Step 5. Up next, you have several options. For instance, you can choose to allow only your friends to see your friends list. I’m going to select Only Me.

I hope this was helpful to Hide Someone on Facebook? Kindly share with your friends so they can keep their Facebook friends private.

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