How to Create an Event on Facebook

How to Create an Event on Facebook: Facebook is the most sought after and used social media network no doubt about that, with several features made available to users on this amazing platform, we can only expect more users to sign up an account on Facebook.

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Facebook is fun and a major feature that is been used and appreciated by many people is the Facebook events feature, which permit users to create events, invite friends and manage the events while reminding people.

Advantages of Creating a Facebook Events

If you still doubt the major advantages attached with creating a Facebook Event when you have the traditionally I.V printing and Text Messages invitation, then check out these importance
  • With a Facebook Event, you can reach out to people in large numbers
  • Friends of your friends can be invited
  • You can give people heads up about your event
  • You have the full control of managing and inviting people
  • Ultimately, it helps in promoting brand awareness and event.
So let’s move straight to how you can create an event on Facebook. In this guide, we will discuss how to create an event on Facebook both on your desktop computer and on your mobile devices. Also, picture they say is better than words, we will reveal these steps - how to create an event on Facebook - with pictures.

How to Create an Event on Facebook for Desktop

To start with, we will reveal how to create an event on Facebook with a Desktop computer. Kindly follow these steps
  • From your Desktop computer be it a PC running windows or Mac OS, locate any web browser and navigate to Facebook’s official website at
  • Once the page opens, you will see a page similar to the picture below.
  • From here, enter your username and password in the two fields provided in the top right hand corner of the page and click Login
  • You will be instantly logged into your Facebook account upon successful validation of your credentials
  • Afterwards, you have to options from your profile
    • Click on Menu to reveal more options

    • Navigate to the bottom of your profile page and click events

  • Anyone you choose, it will take you to this next step where you will see event suggestions, with “upcoming events near you and events you may like”. To create a new event, click on create event

  • Here you need to supply event details like event name, location, date, time, short description and the event privacy, maybe a private or a public event.

After this you have successfully created your event, you simply need to follow the on screen instruction and add other details like photos etc.

How to Create an Event on Facebook Mobile

If you access Facebook from a mobile device, you can also create event easily. We will reveal how to Create Event on Facebook App for Android in this guide. For the iOS, iPad users, you can follow the same procedure as it is similar.

Create Event on Facebook App for Android

To create an event on mobile is similar to the steps listed for desktop, follow these steps to create Facebook Events on your mobile device.
  • From your device’s home screen, locate the Facebook App Icon and launch the App.
  • After this, you will be signed into your account and directed to your profile, otherwise you will be required to login

  • So kindly input your login details, Username and Password and click on Login.
  • From your profile page, locate and click on the three horizontal lines to the top left corner

  • This will reveal several options, from which you will choose events
  • From the resulting page, you can search for events, explore, and see events suggestions. To create a new event, click on the blue “+” icon to the bottom right

  • The Facebook event creation page will be revealed where you can set event name, date, location and description.

  • To make your event private or public, click on the private event in the top left corner and choose either private or public.

How to Make a Private Facebook Event Public after Creating it

Have you created your Facebook Event as private and wish to change it to public? Well all you need to do is navigate to the event page, click event settings and change event type to Public

How to Make a Facebook Event Public after Making it Private

Also, if you have created your Facebook Event as public and wish to change it to private, simply navigate to the event page, click event settings and change event type to private

Can’t find Events on Facebook?

If you have created your Facebook event but you can’t locate it then you need to check out this guide on Issues with Facebook today. Am certain that will help resolve it.

I hope this guide exclusively covered everything about How to Create Facebook event? Kindly share with friends and if you need help or face any challenge creating your Facebook event, kindly inform us using the comment section below.

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