How to Stop Live Facebook Notification

How to Stop Live Facebook Notification: with Facebook live, you can now broadcast what you are presently doing to all your friend and followers. Sharing a Facebook live video is pointless if nobody's watching, this may be the reason why Facebook makes sure that you get a notification every time a friend or page you follow goes live.

How to Stop Live Facebook Notification
These notifications can be very annoying, especially when what is being shared is something everyone already knows about. Imagine, someone sharing live Facebook video of a football match or a music concert.

Here's how to to turn off Facebook Live notifications:
  1. Go to your Facebook settings. Drill down to Settings>Notifications>On Facebook.
  2. Now choose "Edit." (Note: This link should take you directly.)
  3. Toggle "Live Videos" to OFF.
Note that this only works from the full Facebook site, not (which your phone will try to send you to), or from within the Facebook app.

Now that you have successfully turned your Facebook live notification off, kindly share this article with your friends who hates to get notify.
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