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Increase Likes on Facebook Photo: How possible is it to increase your number of followers and likes on your Facebook page within a short period of time? This question is often asked by Facebook page admins who wishes to get more likes on their page. The fact remains, it takes a little time to build up fans from scratch but it can be faster is some principles are taken into consideration.

What are does principles? Read on below to gain knowledge of the principle you have to follow to get more likes on your Facebook Page;

Be Prepared With Quality Content, caption and Consistent Engagement
If you want to be liked, be likeable first. A disorganized Facebook page can turn off customers instantly. When reviewing a Facebook page, quality content and active engagements are great first impressions. Several other factors people look for before joining a page include the brand itself, consistent posting of fresh information, and active engagement from both fans and admin.
Reward Your Loyal Supporters
You may have just started your Facebook page, but your business is well-established. Encourage your loyal customers to join your Facebook page as supporters, reward them with customizable badges/tabs and special deals for consistent support. A shout-out from a happy customer is a lot more attractive than a marketing slogan, creating irresistible appeal for that ‘Like’ button.

Leverage Your Existing Social Networks
If you’ve built a strong Twitter network for your business, utilize it to promote your Facebook page. Some people prefer not to overlap similar social contacts on both accounts, but why diminish your chance to be noticed? Your followers can broadcast your message on both of their social platforms by reaching out to a greater audience about your business.

Integrate Facebook Social Plugins to Your Website
It’s essential to have a main hub correlating all your social media activities. Your company’s website is the only place that gives you full control over content and brand management. Integrate Facebook social plugins to encourage connections such as Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment stream. As Facebook visitors increase, your page is more likely to show up on supporters’ news feeds and those of their friends, prompting people to find out more about your business page.

Remind Your Fans to Like and Share  

Finally, Facebook has some easy ready-made sharing buttons with which people can promote your tabs and pages to their friends. Place a shout-out or reminder to ‘Like’ your status updates and instruct fans to click that little ‘Share’ button right next to your message so their friends will be alerted about the update.

By following and applying these principles on your Facebook page, be assured of getting more likes from different Facebook users with a short period. Kindly share this with your colleagues so they can learn the principles.
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