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What is Facebook open Facebook? Are you wondering about how to open Facebook? Then begin to enjoy the benefits of the Facebook platform. Well if you want to open Facebook and you don’t have an idea of how to open it, then you should read this article. As we all know the Facebook as a platform is a social media network, that makes people communicate with family and friends on the platform.

You can also share things with them; you can share photos, videos and even stories on the platform. There are lots more you as a user on the platform can do apart from communication. The Facebook platform isn’t for communication alone, although some people or users on the platform think that the work of Facebook is for communication only. I am a user on the Facebook platform and will tell you things Facebook offers to its users.

You can play online video games, watch movies and visit other links on the Facebook platform. There are lots of links found on the Facebook platform that will amaze you.

Links On Facebook

I will tell links that you can explore on the Facebook platform that you will find interesting and unique. Below are some links that you can find on the Facebook platform.
  • Fundraisers.
  • Jobs.
  • Manage apps.
  • Gaming video.
  • Weather.
  • Offers.
  • Crisis response.
  • Buy and sell groups.
  • Events.
  • Pages.
  • Groups.
  • Recommendations.
These are some links that you can access on the Facebook platform, although there are still more.

How to Open Account on Facebook

In order for you to access the Facebook platform and access the links or enjoy the benefits, you will need to open an account on the platform. And to open an account on the Facebook platform is not that tough. I will tell you how you can open a Facebook account with some steps given below.
Access the chrome or browser on your device.
  • Visit
  • Then click on ‘create new account’ at the top of your screen.
  • Fill in the necessary information displayed; enter your names and phone number or email and password.
  • Add your gender and your date of birth.
  • Tap on sign up.
  • Numbers will be sent to the email or phone number you have provided.
  • Then type in the numbers in the confirmation box on the Facebook page and click on continue.
After this you have open an account and have become a registered member on the Facebook platform.
How to Login Facebook

To login Facebook is very simple and easy. Well, I will tell you how to login Facebook. To login Facebook read the steps below.
  • Open your chrome or browser.
  • Visit
  • Then enter your email or phone number.
  • Enter your password and click on login.
Then you will automatically access the Facebook platform and start to have fun.
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