Poke Meaning in English

Poke Meaning in English: During lengthy physical conversations, you recognize that people especially the young lads poke and also jab at each other as a method to tease, flirt, irritate or otherwise simply indicate, "Take notice of me" or "Do not forget I'm below." This type of expression has been incorporated in the social-networking site Facebook which is popularly called "poke" function.

Poke Meaning in English
A Facebook poke is a totally free feature that enables you to send a virtual "Hey, I was here" message. The poke shows up on your friend's page as an icon that signifies who poked him and offers the options "Remove Poke" or "Poke Back" If you receive the symbol on your page, just you - not the visitors to your page - will see it, as well as if you don't poke back or remove it, the person that sent it cannot poke you any more.

When you check out a friend's Facebook homepage, search in the top edge for the gray switch that says "Poke" and also consists of an image of a finger poking. The button is straight to the right of the "Send Message" alternative. Click "Poke"; no further action is called for. When you visit your personal homepage, you won't see the poke option due to the fact that you can not poke on your own; on your page, you'll locate the "Edit Profile" button rather.

Who can you send Pokes

You are allowed to poke a person who is a verified friend of yours, a friend of a verified friend or a person in a shared network.
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