Set up a Poll on Facebook

Set up a Poll on Facebook: Basically, Facebook Live poll is a simple video or photo consisting of a question, two or four images representing answer options, the reactions a user is supposed to use and vote counters that are updated in real time. Facebook Live polls always aids connection among various Facebook users through voting for preference and so on.

To create a Facebook Live Poll on your Facebook page, follow these steps below;
  1. sign up for Video React’s website
  2. download a free software for broadcasts called OBS Studio (works with Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux OS);
  3. in Video React, create your Facebook Live poll post (upload your images and write the post text);
  4. copy and paste the key and link (generated for you in Video React) into the OBS Studio software;
  5. click the «Start streaming» button.

And that's it, I bet you never knew it is this easy, well share this with friends so they can know how its done.
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